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Results for the year ended
30 September 2023

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Nampak results presentation
for the year ended 30 September 2023

Phil Roux (Chief Executive Officer) and Glenn Fullerton
(Chief Financial Officer) host the year-end results
presentation to discuss the progress of strategic initiatives
and the financial results.

ONE Nampak strategy

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Performance overview

Cash generated from
operations R1.6bn
compared to R0.8bn
in 2022

Working capital
improvement R905m

Trading profit up 2%
to R1.6bn (2022: R1.6bn)

Net forex losses R1.2bn
Nigeria and Angola
(2022: R0.5bn)

Net impairment losses
up from R0.5bn
in 2022

Interest paid R1.2bn

Loss for the year R4.0bn
compared to a loss of
R26m in 2022