Nampak's strategy
has two focus areas:

Reduce risk



1Strengthen capital structure

Optimal capital structure supported by sustainable earnings

  • Deleverage
  • Reduce currency risk
  • Create capacity for growth
  • Improve cash generation


Reduce risk and improve returns through a more sustainable portfolio that satisfies customer needs and leverages market opportunities, whilst avoiding unnecessary complexity

  • Rationalise portfolio — businesses, products, operations
  • Reduce operational complexity and related risks
  • Reduce reliance on commodity-dependent economies

Grow profits




Refine product and service offerings with a competitive cost structure and enable operational efficiencies

  • Process innovation
  • Review product offering and terms
  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Drive sustainability

4Growth and innovation

Expand into new markets to diversify earnings and improve profitability

  • Geographical diversification
  • Exploit niche market segments
  • Product/service offering innovation