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Article by Nampak 3 September 2012

At the cutting edge of the Paint Industry - Nampak DivFood

As Africa’s largest manufacturer of metal aerosols and cans for paint products, Nampak DivFood is at the cutting edge of packaging trends in the industry.

As issues regarding the sustainability of packaging are an increasing priority, particularly among manufacturers, retailers and consumers, Nampak DivFood’s aerosols and cans offer peace of mind, as they’re fully recyclable. Thanks to industry initiatives, like Collect-A-Can, metal aerosols and cans are the most recycled packaging substrate in South Africa.

The company is also a sponsor of the “Trekking for Trash” initiative, which kicks off in October 2012. “Trekking for Trash” is a 3 000km trek by two social adventurers, namely Michael Baretta and Camilla Howard. Walking from Alexander Bay on the Namibian border to Kosi Bay on the Mozambican border, they’ll collect and recycle litter, while educating people along the way to stop littering.

At the same time, Nampak DivFood’s wide range of shapes and sizes supports programmes that are designed to encourage consumers to “paint wise by buying the right size”. According to the South African Paint Manufacturing Association, studies show that 10% to 15% of the paint bought by households remains unused and ends up in garages or landfills. Giving people the flexibility to buy what they need cuts down on the amount of leftover paint for storage or disposal, and saves money.

Aerosols and cans from Nampak DivFood are also proudly South African. Nampak DivFood has four state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Cape Town, Durban and Vanderbijlpark. In line with Nampak’s blue chip corporate positioning, they are professionally managed and receive world-class training and support. Cheap imports originating from elsewhere don’t necessarily have the same levels of assurance and integrity.

Paint is the promise of a fresh, new look and the packaging needs to communicate the same sense of opportunity and possibility. This is why Nampak DivFood has invested in the latest print technology, enabling superior graphic quality with added dimension and lustre.

In the paint category, where colour trends are constantly changing, speed to market is key. Nampak DivFood has acquired advanced pre-press technology, which reduces artwork approvals from five steps to two steps. The company estimates that lead times for new packaging designs could be reduced by as much as eight weeks in some cases.

Nampak DivFood is supported by Nampak’s Research and Development centre, which is widely regarded as the most advanced packaging science and technology facility in the southern hemisphere! Nampak R&D has its roots in the metals business, and is well placed to provide practical and strategic input in many important areas, such as metallurgy, electrochemical and surface studies, coatings and inks, container development, shelf-life studies and many more.

Aerosols and cans from Nampak DivFood are perfect for paint products. They’re clean and hygienic, don’t leak during transport and have a long shelf-life. They’re also very easy to stack and store.

Since aerosols are airtight, they’re completely resistant to dust contamination, and the contents don’t evaporate or change over the lifetime of the product. They also allow for controlled dispensing of spray paint, which is key to achieving an even finish
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