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Article by Allycats PR 26 November 2012

Billads communicates Nampak's recycling message

Pre-bill, one may not have given the environment so much as a passing thought, shrugging off global warming with a what-can-I-do attitude. Post-bill, ones eyes would have been opened to the fact that individuals can help save the world.

Prompting eco-logical thinking and creating a generation of eco-warriors is the motivation behind Nampak’s latest multi-media marketing campaign. As Africa’s largest packaging supplier, maintaining high environmental standards is top on Nampak’s agenda.

This group has gone green! It undertakes extensive recycling initiatives and invests significant resources into the development of more sustainable products across its paper, plastics, metal and glass packaging divisions.

Nampak chose Billads to communicate its plastic recycling message, “Over 1 billion credit cards could be produced with the amount of plastic that Nampak recycled last year.” Billads communicates with consumers at the point of purchase when credit cards are whipped out to settle the bill. There’s no doubt that hands will pause as this environmentally-palatable fact is digested.

The Billads campaign forms part of an extensive thought provoking campaign aimed at creating awareness around what can be done, and the catch phrases used across the campaign are hard-hitting for example, Metal weighing the equivalent of 126 Nelson Mandela Bridges was saved through Nampak’s reduced-weight cans.

“Changing attitudes towards the environment and transforming environmental practices is a mammoth task, but with the buy-in of citizens through awareness campaigns such as this, it can be done ... one credit card at a time,” says Nine Mile Media MD, Craig Segal.

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