28 June 2024


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Article by Nampak 26 July 2012

Nampak Closures helps Graça keep people laughing

Nampak Closures has created a screwcap for Graça’s wine bottle, helping South Africa’s
favourite talking, eating, drinking, laughing, singing, and above all, sharing wine, switch from its
traditional cork closure to a screwcap.

This 30 x 50mm length closure with the 30 x 60mm wine finish (top and side seal, [Status]), is a first for
Nampak Closures and is unique to Graça.

The first thing winelovers will notice with the new closure is a cork key ring featuring the message:
“Soon to be extinct”. These key rings have been adorning every Graça bottle from mid-July. These
limited-edition packs are intended by Graça to draw attention in a humorous way to the need to
protect cork trees as well as illustrate the benefits of screwcaps.

The advantages of Nampak Closures’ screwcaps are numerous. The screwcaps are impermeable,
eliminate the high risk of cork taint, experience no loss of resilience and have no finicky storage
requirements. They are effortless to open and re-close, and offer beautiful high-end printing and

With Nampak’s screwcaps, there are sure to be no unpleasant surprises, just a refined little twist
to top off that perfect wine experience. They are resealable and maintain the perfect flavour,
freshness and quality.
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