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Article by Nampak 4 July 2012

Nampak DivFood boosts print capability and capacity

Nampak DivFood, South Africa’s leading manufacturer of food, aerosol, general line cans and decorative tinware, has recently purchased and installed a new 5-colour Crabtree FastReady printer at the company’s Vanderbijlpark operation.

The 5 deck printing line, with in-line varnish capability is supplied by Crabtree, a leading supplier of fast-ready metal print technology.The new line will increase aerosol capacity considerably, improve flexibility, lower lead times and improve quality in general.

In addition, the already good print quality on products will be greatly improved as not only is the new linecutting-edge, but Nampak DivFood has also switched to CTP (Computer to Plate, [Status]) in the process, which cuts five steps of artwork initiation down to just two. The backup of artwork, compatibility testing and speed of response in the case of quality problems will also see significant improvement.

Another major benefit – and by no means the least significant - that the new printing line affords Nampak DivFood is cost savings, and the company has already been able to give customers major pricing benefits as a result of this new printing technology.

The new line is a great addition to an already great product – DivFood’s metal products, including aerosols, are one of the most recyclable and recycled in the country. Upgrades and installations of this nature also secure local supply, which supports the local economy and creates employment in South Africa.

“DivFood understands the need to keep up with today’s high demands for state-of-the-art technology and chose Crabtree for their fantastic track record in the industry. We want to stay abreast of the available technology and ensure our machines are the best in the business,”concludes Chris Waldron, National Sales Manager for Nampak DivFood.

*As a division of Nampak, Africa’s largest packaging manufacturer,Nampak Divfood packs a host of other benefits, including an in-house studio, one of the world’s leading packaging R&D facilities, a state of the art QC department, and a customer technical department to assist with issues on customer filling lines.
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