28 June 2024


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Article by Nampak 29 February 2012

Nampak Flexible finishes strong for BOPP

BOPP (Biaxially-Oriented Polypropylene, [Status]) films have become a popular, high growth film on the world packaging market because of a unique combination of properties such as better shrinkage, stiffness, transparency, sealability, twist retention and barriers. And whilst BOPP’s physical properties make it an easy packaging choice, the more complex selection comes in finding a packaging manufacturer with the necessary skills set and technology to convert it, as good finishes are hard to achieve. Enter Nampak Flexible, (Africa’s largest flexible packaging manufacturer and the largest consumer of BOPP in SA, [Status]) a company that’s made a mark in supplying converted BOPP across a wide variety of packaging formats to market leading brands. When it comes to converting BOPP, Nampak Flexible is a multiple Fima Golden Roll Awards winner for packaging such as Simba Sunbites Pretzels and Flanagan’s Kettle Fried Chips. The Golden Roll Awards are given to companies driving the innovative use of BOPP film in packaging and it is Nampak Flexible’s ability to achieve excellent register and printing of fine detail that has earned them the highest recognition in converting a difficult substrate. Making use of several colours, varnishes, solvent inks, central impressions and more, Nampak Flexible is able to produce outstanding printing quality and ensures striking on-shelf appeal for all BOPP products. Illustrating the flexible packaging specialist’s BOPP capability is the recent upgrade of retailer SPAR’s own-brand crisp packets - a pack that was produced with both a matt and gloss finish on the same panel for a more luxurious and premium product feel (in line with the revitalised SPAR look, [Status]). A normal crisps pack is usually produced with either a metallised or matt BOPP finish only, with either finish being hard enough to perfect alone. The matt and gloss finish on the same panel was also achieved in a one-pass process, meaning that even with the added technical difficulty, the manufacturing process was not lengthened. Nampak Flexible’s Technical Director, Gerald Chotu says that as a result of their successes, Nampak Flexible and Fima - South Africa’s leading supplier of BOPP - have had a longstanding partnership and there is no doubt that it will keep producing excellent results for both businesses.*Nampak Flexible is the largest consumer of BOPP, PET and foil in South Africa. Their printing capabilities are Gravure and Flexographic in up to eight colours on any form of film, paper or foil laminations. Back to top ^