28 June 2024


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Article by Nampak 18 May 2012

Nampak Flexible - WPO WorldStar Official Guide

Nampak Flexible is more. If you’re wondering what this means, just take a look at our WorldStar winner. On the face of it, it looks like an ordinary 10-litre lard bag, but it’s so much more than that. It has a really clever tap, advanced barrier properties and a built-in handle for hanging purposes. More importantly, however, it’s helped streamline KFC’s operations in South Africa, where it’s saving space, reducing waste, simplifying processes and freeing up capacity. We were able to realise all these benefits through our innovation pipeline, which is designed around the Oliver Wight principles of Integrated Business Planning (IBP, [Status]). As a result, we don’t develop new packaging in a silo; we include every facet of the brand owner’s business, ensuring that it’s fit-for-purpose and delivers value to the whole supply chain. We’re able to have this broad view because we’ve invested over R100 million in new equipment and technology. We also have BRC, HACCP and ISO, and we’re the only company in South Africa with Oliver Wight Class Capable IBP certification! As you’d expect from Africa’s leading flexible packaging company, we have a full service offering, which includes the widest range, as well as flexographic and gravure printing in up to eight colours, multiple in-line applications and laminations. We supply filling equipment and a number of strategic alliances are in place, such as Aran Packaging for aseptic bags and Celomat for in-pack promotions. With a world-class infrastructure and capacity to deliver, these are a few ways we’re doing more. To get more on more, contact us on +27 31 719 6333. We’re a phone call away. Back to top ^