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Article by Nampak 7 November 2012

Nampak Liquid is the dairy industry’s packaging leader!

As South Africa’s largest and most diversified liquid packaging manufacturer, our wide range includes HDPE mono-layer bottles, HDPE multi-layer bottles, HDPEjars and PET bottles.

A variety of bottle sizes and neck finishes are readily available. Our HDPE bottles range from 250mls to five litres, have 38mm necks for foil or screw cap closures and can be clear or pigmented. At the same time, our HDPE jars come as 250g or 500g with 63mm and 76mm necks, while our PET bottles are specially designed to run on existing HDPE filling equipment. From 100mls to five litres, with 35mm or 38mm necks, they offer superior clarity for improved visibility.

In line with our commitment to providing “a total packaging solution,” we also supply and support liquid filling machinery and handling systems, as well as the design of new packaging. Here, our in-house capacity is enhanced by Nampak’s world-class research and development facility in Cape Town, which is widely regarded as one of the most advanced packaging science and technology facilities in the southern hemisphere. For the dairy industry, Nampak R&D offers many services, such as Finite Element Analysis and Computer Aided Modelling, analytical chemistry, microbiology, food and beverage technology, and shelf-life studies.

We have a nationwide footprint covering all provinces, as well as Gaberone in Botswana, which means easy access to our resources and skills. As you’d expect from a market leader, we comply with the latest hygiene and quality standards prescribed by the food and beverage industry. A number of accreditations are in place.

At Nampak Liquid, we’re very proud of our pioneering track record in the dairy industry. For example, we pioneered in-plant blow-moulding in South Africa. In this case, bottles are blown on a customer’s premises, helping reduce costs and lead-times in the process. There’s no other packaging substrate that can offer equitable levels of business integration and many successes have been recorded. Nampak Liquid in-plants include Clover Mayfair, Clover Queensburgh (KZN, [Status]) and Orange Grove Dairy.

Possibly one of our most significant achievements has been the development of South Africa’s first ever multi-layer plastic bottle for long-life milk. It revived sales of Woolies’ long-life milk and came with some very impressive green credentials, namely 100% recyclability, including the cap and label! Likewise, the new Waterberg juice bottle demonstrates our capacity to innovate new shapes and decorative finishes, like embossing.

Finally, we’re committed to operating as an environmentally responsible company. The recyclability of plastic is constantly on the rise. In the last four years, there has been a 32% increase in the tonnage of plastics recycled in the country, as indicated in the SA Plastic Recycling Organisation’s first annual Plastics Recycling survey in collaboration with the SA Plastics Federation. The survey also highlighted the positive impact these figures have on the local economy and job creation.

In addition to new containers for food and liquid products, there are many alternative end-uses for recycled plastics in the form of staple fibres for carpeting, clothing, pillows, ceiling insulation and geotextiles. Nampak Polycylcers converts over 3 100 tonnes per year of recycled polyethylene into crates, refuse bins and buckets.

In terms of PET products, the focus is on source reduction and reusability. This reflects in the weight of the two-litre PET bottle, which has reduced from 68g in 1978 to 48g today. Nampak Closures, a division that works closely with Nampak Liquid, also produced the super shorty closure for carbonated soft drink PET bottles. This closure weighs 2.4g versus 3.2g for the previous closure.

Nampak Liquid participates in the Enviromark initiative and other processes driven by the SA Plastics Federation. Enviromark’s main focus is on plastics education for the public, as well as national clean-up campaigns. Nampak’s executives are also active members of the Plastics Converters Association, the Plastics Federal Council, Petco and the Multi-Layer Packaging Forum.
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