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Article by Nampak 2 October 2012

Nampak offers a contemporary setting for pioneering ideas

A new innovation venue at the Nampak Research & Development facility in Epping, Cape Town offers Nampak businesses and their customers a contemporary setting for the development of pioneering ideas that have the capacity to transform the packaging industry in the future! Its location is strategically significant given Nampak R&D’s leading role in the packaging lifecycle, which includes:

• Innovation
• Product and market intelligence
• Materials and process knowledge
• Sustainability expertise
• CAD and FEA modelling
• Packaging performance, e.g. shelf-life studies
• Packaging technology
• Food science, hygiene and microbiology
• Chemical analyses
• Spoilage investigations
• Problem-solving and trouble-shooting

The Nampak R&D building houses 10 specialist laboratories and a resource centre, as well as a display room showcasing Nampak’s many packaging successes over the years. Widely regarded as one of the most advanced packaging science and technology centre in the southern hemisphere, Nampak R&D employs over 50 highly skilled and experienced scientists, technologists and technicians, and has access to state-of-the-art analytical and design equipment. It’s also linked to a worldwide professional network and is regularly recognised for its groundbreaking achievements in the packaging space.

The in-house innovation venue has been very cleverly designed, specifically with a view to helping unlock the creative process. Among the key factors that were considered are the appropriate use of colour and light, as well as natural touches and tactile elements, such as fabrics, glass, metals, plastics and wood. In order to facilitate collaborative engagement, there are various workstations for groups and individuals, as well as a lounge for informal discussions and chilling. The use of a round table, for example, levels the playing field and reduces the influence of hierarchy and personality dominance. According to Johan Visser, the General Manager of Nampak R&D, research shows that spaces designed for creativity must be in stimulating places. “There is no doubt that Nampak R&D fits the bill in this regard. Given our role and purpose in the Nampak group, it is the perfect platform for ideas and innovative thinking to thrive, while remaining true to the principles and possibility of packaging science and technology.”

Nampak R&D has been at the forefront of packaging since 1946 when Metal Box SA first established the facility as a value-added service to the fish and fruit canning industries. Accordingly, it has an impressive track record in the areas of metallurgy, and corrosion and surface studies. It’s also very experienced in terms of thermal processing technology, and recently developed a universal lacquer that replaces 11 different lacquer systems, saving considerable supply chain complexity for several Nampak divisions and customers.

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