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Article by Nampak 29 October 2012

Nampak Rigid Plastics’ not so rigid approach to dairy packaging

Any producer of dairy products wanting to do more than just get by, needs solutions that meet the growing demands of consumers and retailers. This translates into a rising need for innovative dairy packaging with better functionality and the answers to the question “what does it do for the dairy product?” Essentially, dairy products and their packaging must now tick a larger number of boxes to meet expectations, and one company ticking those boxes is Nampak Rigid Plastics, along with its specialised divisions and a large portfolio of innovative dairy packaging solutions.

As an integral part of the dairy sector, Nampak Rigid Plastics will be presenting its extensive dairy packaging offering at the upcoming IDF World Dairy Summit (Stand 54, [Status]).
As Africa’s largest and most diverse rigid plastics company serving the dairy industry, Rigid Plastics is also part of Nampak, one of the world’s most diversified packaging companies – a tie that holds many benefits for their dairy customers.

Nampak Rigid Plastics offering includes a complete selection of packaging solutions for every dairy need, be it fresh, extended shelf life, steri or long life. The Rigid Plastics divisions serving the dairy industry include:
Nampak Liquid Plastic – Nampak Liquid Plastic is the largest and most diversified supplier of liquid packaging solutions to the non-carbonated beverage industry, including the dairy industry. The company supplies Conipak cartons, PET bottles, HDPE bottles, HDPE jars, and filling & handling systems for fresh and long life dairy and fruit juice products.

Nampak Liquid developed the local range of groundbreaking multi-layer plastic bottles for long life milk – a first for the South African market. The plastic bottles, which are 100 % recyclable, not only differentiated a segment of the dairy market, but also defined a new one, breathing fresh life into long life and providing consumers with an attractive packaging alternative to the previous ‘brick’ format packs.

Nampak Liquid Cartons/Elopak - By combining a world-class product with local market knowledge and expertise, Nampak Liquid Cartons/Elopak supplies the attractive Pure-Pak range of cartons to the non-carbonated liquid beverage market, including many leaders in the dairy industry. This dynamic range includes Pure-Pak cartons for milk, fruit juice and drinking yoghurt products in the dairy industry.

Nampak Liquid Cartons/Elopak’s ESL (extended shelf life, [Status]) carton provided a solution that would satisfy both consumers’ and retailers’ demands for fresh milk that would stay fresh for longer. Ultra Pasteurised milk packed in ESL cartons now stays fresh for up to 21 days unopened, satisfying the need for fresh milk with a longer shelf life, and even allowing fresh milk products to better compete with their long life counter parts.

Nampak Closures - Crucial to the markets served, Nampak Closures’ product range is designed and engineered to achieve maximum product integrity and filling line efficiencies for dairy products. With the most diverse range of closures in the country, the company is “on top” when it comes to supplying specialised plastic closures such as the Snap-cap and DBJ range of closures, which are suitable for both PET and HDPE bottles in the dairy industry.

An innovative example of Closures’ capability is the DBJ flat cap for milk bottles, made to provide superior leak resistance and tamper proofing. A little thing with a big job, the DBJ has a drop down band that, once a milk bottle is opened, is forced away from the rest of the closure and drops to a highly noticeable margin. In this way, the closure reveals any tampering or faults, and provides stronger, more durable cap tops to guard the freshness that consumers expect when purchasing milk.

Nampak Megapak - Helping move dairy’s innovative packaging solutions is Megapak, the suppliers of tried and tested crates, specially made for stacking, packing and transporting dairy products of all shapes and sizes. Designed to withstand the extreme temperatures, knocks and handling to which products in the dairy supply chain are exposed, Megapak’s crates give dairy products that little bit of extra packaging where it’s needed most.
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