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Article by Nampak 29 November 2012

New advertising campaign for Nampak Corrugated

“First by nature” is the new advertising campaign, which is being launched by Nampak Corrugated for
2013. It reaffirms the company’s leading role in the packaging industry and underpins its strong priority on

“First by nature” includes a series of five model animals that were commissioned from Cape Town designer, Joanne Orr of Head On Design. Individually hand-crafted, they took approximately three months to complete.

The five animals in the Nampak Corrugated advertising campaign were identified according to their
symbology in terms of the business’s drive to be the leader in the corrugated industry. The leopard is a
symbol of consistency, trust and strategy; the buffalo is a symbol of partnership, strength and stability; the
giraffe is a symbol of resourcefulness, cooperation and vision; the hawk is a symbol of focus, determination
and awareness; and the manta ray is a symbol of agility, adaptability and understanding. “These qualities
are the defining attributes of the Nampak Corrugated brand. As such, they’re the essence of the message
that we want to communicate,” says Craig Platt, the Divisional Marketing Manager.

In this way, “First by nature” elevates the art of business-to-business advertising and provides a dynamic
mix of creativity and commercial necessity. It helps build the corporate brand of Nampak Corrugated in a
refreshingly unique and attention-grabbing way.

Moving forward, the advertising campaign will be applied to a wide variety of channels, including online and print advertising, as well as CRM platforms, like gifting and events, especially golf days, investor
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