28 June 2024


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Article by Nampak 18 May 2012

Packaging innovation that is more!

Nampak Flexible, Africa’s flexible packaging leader, is delivering more stakeholder value through the launch of an innovation pipeline that has been designed according to the ‘stage’ and ‘gate’ principles of the Oliver Wight Journey to Business Excellence.

Since April last year, a number of major customers have gone through the various ‘stages’ and ‘gates’ that make up the pipeline experience, generating sales revenues of over R120 million in the process. This figure is likely to grow significantly in the future, especially since the offering is exclusive to Nampak Flexible, which is the only South African company with Oliver Wight Class Capable IBP certification.

For Robin Moore, the Managing Director of Nampak Flexible, the pipeline changes the way that packaging manufacturers and customers tackle the innovation challenge.

“Typically, innovation happens in fairly narrow groups or silos, like Marketing and R&D. In many cases, there is limited line of sight in terms of the total business strategy. However, our pipeline model closes the gap by providing an integrated platform that addresses innovation through a wide variety of business processes, like demand planning and supply chain. In this way, there are no surprises, and businesses are able to more fully leverage the innovation opportunity.”

To drive the pipeline, Nampak Flexible has developed software that systematises the workflow. At the same time, senior resources are committed to the initiative, while a common IT infrastructure facilitates ease of communication and reporting.

The pipeline, which includes five ‘stages’ and ‘gates’, is strategically focused and outcomes based. The stages are described as Define (investigate, [Status]), Design (business case, [Status]), Develop, Demonstrate (test and validate, [Status]) and Deploy (produce and launch, [Status]).

Moore says that while innovation can seem overwhelming, particularly where large business systems are concerned, the ‘stage’ and ‘gate’ model removes the clutter and complexity by identifying key performance areas that have to be reached prior to moving forward, such as packaging design, as well as planning and reporting.

“Very simply, the pipeline is like a video game, where you can only go up a level once you have completed the level that you are on. This way, there is no jumping the gun or taking shortcuts. Thanks to the due diligence and transparency involved, the pipeline facilitates effective decision-making and leadership every step of the way. It also ensures quality and clear priority focus areas.”

This is how Nampak Flexible is delivering more innovation.
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