28 June 2024


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Article by Nampak 29 February 2012

Pouches pack a punch says Nampak Flexible

One of the most prominent companies in the local flexible pouch field is Nampak Flexible, Africa’s leading flexible packaging manufacturer. Nampak Flexible covers the full spectrum of flexible packaging and says there are good reasons for the pouch’s rise across the supply chain. For one, it addresses a number of packaging needs such as:•Efficiency of the packaging•High-end graphics•Cost efficiency•Ability to seal/reseal •Variety of applicationsThe success or failure of a packaging system relies on these factors and flexible pouches have fulfilled all of these criteria.Further to this, Versatility is key. With modern lamination and polymer co-extrusion, hybrid materials with a range of desirable properties (such as strength, a polished finish and barrier integrity, [Status]) can be produced. These properties can be tailored into a flexible pouch more than suitable for a variety of products, ranging from liquids to semi-solids and dry solids.Flexible pouches can combine a multitude of layers in their laminated structure. These may include various polymers, where each layer has a function and a property to impart to the pouch. The combination of these layers in a ‘mix’ makes up the laminate from which the pouch is constructed. The laminate produced depends entirely on the final intended use. Certain dry food types for example need to have packaging with very good barrier properties to seal in flavour and prevent moisture entering.Furthermore, trends such as convenience and practicality have naturally converged to require packaging that’s best suited to any given product on any given occasion, whether it be quick snacks, mixing beverages in-pack, resealing a pack, saving space, creating shelf impact and so on. In this regard the pouch is truly dynamic and fits this “any product, any occasion” trend perfectly. This is evident in the wide range of products across market sectors using Nampak Flexible’s pouches either as a primary pack or as a refill.It is for these reasons and more that Nampak Flexible has established capacity in this high-growth product, including further capital investment in new pouch machines and a spout inserter. In addition, Nampak Flexible is setting up to supply and maintain pouch filling technology to various customers. The new equipment and services will enable Nampak Flexible to deliver a host of options, including a few that are currently not available on the South African market. Overall, the development of a variety of spout options and pouch filling services will greatly increase Nampak Flexible’s footprint and capacity in this dynamic sector. Back to top ^