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Article by Nampak 2 July 2012

Reduced height bread trays - less space, more savings

Cut supply chain costs by as much as 10% with Nampak Megapak’s reduced height trays! The award-winning design is the first of its kind in South Africa.

Currently being used by Sasko, a number of business benefits are being reported, including a 10% decrease in the size of the delivery fleet, as well as a 10% increase in the number of loaves that can be delivered by a single vehicle. There are also a wide range of cumulative savings in terms of fleet maintenance, fuel, insurance labour and other running costs. Together, they are making a significant difference to Sasko’s ability to compete, particularly in a commodity market, which is also experiencing the challenges of a depressed economy.

Previously, Sasko’s bread was transported in trays stacked 10 high. However, the baker wanted to eliminate inefficiencies in the supply chain process and engaged Nampak Megapak accordingly. In line with the packaging company’s commitment to working alongside customers to design value-adding solutions, they reduced the height of the bread tray, so that an 11th layer could be added without compromising the integrity of the baked product or performance of the tray.

At the same time, a trip through Sasko’s “dead crate” pool revealed that the majority of damaged trays failed in the ends, corners and top rails, so Nampak Megapak redesigned and reinforced these areas. A number of structural changes were made to increase durability and strength, such as raising the lip on the base of the tray by 4mm, so that it doesn’t touch the floor when the tray is dragged. At the same time, unnecessary material was taken out of the handle and there are fewer crevices, so the new trays are easier to wash.

The Sasko terracotta brown trays are made from 100% recycled HDPE. To achieve the extra strength necessary, Recyclosorb was added. The trays are manufactured using injection moulders in Cape Town, Pinetown and Olifantsfontein.

“The redesigned bread tray is lighter than the previous generation trays and is more energy efficient to manufacture,” says John Lindsay-Smith, Nampak Megapak’s Technical Director.

Nampak Megapak is Africa’s leading producer of plastic crates, drums and trays. The company has the largest support tool room in the industry, as well as access to the Nampak group’s state-of-the-art research and development facility. An innovation platform provides mould origination and alteration services
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