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Article by Nampak 24 October 2012

Student Gold Pack Awards: Nampak proudly sponsors Food Science Category

Nampak, Africa’s largest packaging company, was a proud sponsor of the Food Science category at this
year’s Student Gold Pack Awards, which were presented at the Inanda Club in Johannesburg on Thursday,
18 October 2012.

In line with the competition brief, Food Science and Technology students were required to develop a
new food product, including the packaging. In choosing the winner, the judges considered the pack’s
functional attributes, particularly in terms of its preservation and distribution capability. Other factors that
influenced the decision-making process were the user-friendliness of the packaging, as well as its ability to
communicate the brand message and engage consumers at the point-of-purchase.
The competition winner was Sarah Erasmus from Stellenbosch University, who developed a powdered
yoghurt drink, called Cup of Yo. The powdered yoghurt is packed in a sachet and comes with a branded
plastic cup. Convenient and lightweight, especially for people who enjoy being outdoors, like campers and
hikers, Cup of Yo is a healthy, on-the-go snack, requiring some water only. The plastic cup is also collapsible
and reusable.

The competition runners-up were all from Stellenbosch University, namely Stephanie Bosman for a range
of dips in compostable cups, Kirsten Giddey for a freeze-dried yoghurt drink in a refillable pouch with a
drinking spout, and Pamela Masters for Mexican-style tortilla chips in a uniquely shaped carton.
Nampak’s sponsorship of the Student Gold Pack Awards is aligned with the company’s core purpose, which
is manufacturing packaging solutions and systems that work across the many areas of supply chain. It also
shows Nampak’s support for innovation in food safety. “In this day and age, innovation keeps brands moving
forward. Growing young talent is very important for the future of the FMCG industry, as well as packaging
businesses, like Nampak,” says Kirsten Tyler, Nampak’s Marketing Manager.
“By participating in this category of the Student Gold Pack Awards, Food Science and Technology students
are afforded a unique opportunity to experience the world of packaging. They were required to research
the local packaging industry and engage various role players. In doing so, maybe they will consider pursuing
packaging careers when they have completed their studies.”

As part of Nampak’s ongoing commitment to the FMCG industry, specifically in terms of food safety, the
company’s Research and Development centre offers a three-day training programme for existing food
can customers. “Getting the best out of cans” covers a wide variety of issues, including:
• Materials
• Manufacture
• Production
• Shelf-life studies
• Key performance areas, e.g. compatibility, food microbiology, heat treatment, processing, etc.

Nampak Research and Development is regarded as one of the most advanced packaging science and
technology facilities in the southern hemisphere. “Getting the best out of cans” is a value-added service,
exclusively for Nampak customers in the food canning industry. Back to top ^