28 June 2024


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Article by Marketing Update 1 November 2013

Brand Your Car drives Nampak's Eco Logical thinking message

Nampak has utilised Primedia Unlimited’s mobile advertising business brandyourcar.com, to drive home the importance of recycling. Africa’s largest packaging company, Nampak, used bonnet socks on a number of cars to stimulate conversation around ecological thinking and help create a generation of eco-warriors.

Maintaining high environmental standards is on top of Nampak’s agenda. Extensive recycling initiatives are undertaken by the company, which invests significant resources into the development of more sustainable products across its paper, plastics, metal and glass packaging divisions.

“The eye-catching bonnet sock campaign showcases Nampak’s massive glass recycling efforts: 2 300 times more glass than that found in the 80m glass skyscraper on Johannesburg’s Diagonal Street is recycled in a year,” says Brandyourcar.com’s Jeff Ostrom.

“Care was taken to ensure that the drivers of branded cars are ecologically sensitive and that they are aligned with the profile of Nampak’s ecological thinking. Bonnet socks are excellent for short-term campaigns such as this, with a huge number of cars employed during the six-week period in September and October, creating a high-impact national campaign and instilling in people an awareness of Nampak as a company that cares about the environment.”

People in the higher household income LSM bracket (7 to 10, [Status]) were targeted, with emphasis placed on women with children to help entrench ecological awareness among the next generation of South Africans.

“Spring was chosen as the ideal time to roll-out the Nampak campaign. With its promise of renewal and rebirth, and its captivating beauty, spring is a time when most people are more aware of their surroundings and thus more receptive to Nampak’s message.”

To ensure longevity of the dialogue prompted by the bonnet socks, drivers were encouraged to post photographs of their branded cars on Facebook and to geo-tag their location.

“This is a great campaign; the branding is absolutely perfect. People have been asking me if I work for Nampak and they want to know where they can recycle their bottles,” says Pearl Mncube, one of the participating drivers.

Louise Kempon, another driver, adds, “I think this campaign is a very good idea because it reaches many people by using vehicles from different towns. The branding is very eye-catching and I have been approached by a number of people for more information.”

“The transit media platform chosen for this campaign delivers quick execution, high reach and high impact. Add in the social media element and you have a short-term solution that is unparalleled in the out-of-home space,” concludes Ostrom.
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