28 June 2024


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Article by Nampak 5 March 2013

Nampak Cartons and Labels delivers better Wine packaging

Nampak Cartons & Labels promises a better wine packaging experience, brand leaders can validate the veracity of the company’s commitment in this regard!

Being one of South Africa's leading producers of lithographic printed and laminated cartons, Nampak Cartons & Labels believes that getting to a point of purchase and ultimately consumption is not necessarily a matter of taste alone, but one of innovative packaging processes and design too – a concept that the company has mastered.

Through its range of wine packaging products, Nampak Cartons and Labels offers the right mix of structural design and print finishes to compliment a brand’s message to the wine consumer. Whether it’s a clever gift pack for that special occasion or a new line of bag-in-box designs, Nampak Cartons & Labels’ litho laminate technology is able to encourage enjoyment of any wine brand.

Situated just 30 minutes drive from the Cape winelands, the Nampak Cartons & Labels design centre and factory is close at hand to offer the wine and liquor industry the expertise it needs; this includes a full service offering for customer graphic and structural design, as well as printing and converting capability. Products on offer include display units, carry packs, fridge packs, promotional units, bag-in-box cartons, and 6 & 12 bottle wine packs.  Nampak Cartons & Labels’ offset printed laminated cartons combine the strength of fluted materials with the decorative appeal of lithographic printing. These cartons offer:

• high-resolution lithographic print quality with a range of finishes and varnishes to suit the winemakers’ unique style of branding and shelf appeal.
• made to order construction design and styling from a range of substrate and flute profiles which will optimise filling line speed and ensure pack performance onto the retail shelf.

While bag-in-box is a key offering, the company’s access to Otor technology elevates this familiar format from the conventional to the exceptional.

The major benefits of Otor technology are:

• A wide range of four- and eight-sided packs across 2L, 3L and 5L sizes
• High precision carton erecting and gluing methodologies
• Warehouse space savings, as cartons are flat-packed for delivery
• Class leading structural integrity and top-load properties
• Better pack performance and wine product protection
• Improved line productivity on automated systems
• Real production line and supply chain waste savings

At the same time, Nampak’s world-class research and development facility is around the corner from the Epping factory, adding further impetus to Nampak Cartons & Labels’ compelling proposition to the wine industry.
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