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Article by Nampak 25 March 2013

Nampak Flexible and Aran Packaging: a healthy partnership leading the aseptic packaging market

The healthy lifestyle trend taking the world by storm is helping grow aseptic packaging in South Africa. And Nampak Flexible, Africa’s leading flexible packaging company, is leading the way as the only manufacturer of aseptic packaging in the country. This is thanks to an enduring and dynamic partnership with Aran Packaging, a world leader in the supply of aseptic packaging.

The demand is being driven by the fact that South Africa exports a large volume of fruit and vegetables in pureed form for the global juice industry. High quality packaging is a necessity, especially since it needs to travel long distances and ensure product integrity over extended periods of time. To simplify the export process, the packaging must also meet country-specific health and safety standards. The strategic partnership between Nampak Flexible and Aran Packaging means South African farmers and food processors have all this and more right on their doorstep!

In terms of the agreement that was signed at the end of 2006, Aran Packaging supplies its world-class aseptic material in reel form and Nampak Flexible manages the conversion process at its factory in Cape Town. It’s also responsible for irradiating the finished bags to make sure they’re commercially sterile.

The range includes 210-litre bags, as well as two-litre bags for sampling and testing. While specifications vary from customer to customer, there’re standard barrier bags with three layers and high barrier bags with seven layers. A co-extruded polypropylene or composite layer construction is available. They’re also suitable for cold and steam sterilisation.

Nampak Flexible and Aran Packaging are committed to growing the opportunity in South Africa and the rest of Africa. This is being facilitated by Nampak’s Research & Development facility, which is helping in terms of shelf-life studies and so much more.
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