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Article by Nampak 6 May 2013

Nampak Flexible moves with the tide

Seafood packaging is moving to flexible packaging in line with various consumer and environmental initiatives. Reduced weight, which saves transportation costs, lower energy consumption in production, and more adaptable shapes and branding solutions have all contributed to the massive rise in flexible packaging by leading seafood brands. Nampak Flexible, Africa’s largest flexible packaging supplier, is moving with the tide to bring the seafood industry and its consumers the very best this dynamic substrate has to offer.

Nampak Flexible is a packaging solutions provider to a number of leading brands in the seafood industry. The company’s products and services are supported by continuous investment in modern equipment, such as state-of-the-art flexographic and gravure printing machines that provide the highest quality finishes.

The flexible specialist has a full contingent of laminating equipment to compliment its own printing capabilities and finishes.

Nampak Flexible is also the only packaging company in South Africa with no fewer than two Karville and three Totani pouch-making machines. Karville and Totani are recognised worldwide as the leaders in pouch conversion equipment, making Nampak Flexible the leaders in pouch conversion.

The laminated pouches for packing IQF fish portions are flexographically printed in up to eight colours and are supplied to the customer in pre-made pouch form. The laminate provides excellent puncture resistance and the ability to withstand the sub-zero temperatures of freezers in the cold supply chain.

Other convenient options from Nampak Flexible include zippered pouches for seafood mixes, supplied for IQF fish portions and a range of seafood mixes, such as prawns, crabsticks and mussels. The pre-made pouch format is convenient for packers and consumers, as its zipper allows it to be resealed. Again, the laminate provides excellent puncture resistance and the ability to withstand sub-zero temperatures.

With two of its plants located near major harbours - in Ndabeni, Western Cape and Pinetown, KwaZulu-Natal - Nampak Flexible is perfectly positioned in close proximity to seafood customers. Amongst a host of the most important food safety, hygiene and packaging accreditations, both the Nampak Flexible Pinetown and Ndabeni plants are BRC (British Retail Consortium, [Status]) accredited – a critically important endorsement for customers who export seafood products. The role of BRC accreditation in export markets is vital for potential and existing customers who export to the United Kingdom and Europe. BRC accreditation is the entry ticket to supplying all the major supermarket chains in those regions.

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