28 June 2024


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Article by Nampak 3 May 2013

Nampak Flexible the pet name in pet food packaging

With consumers spending more on their pets than ever before, brands are choosing to lead the pack with Nampak Flexible’s quality pet food packaging options.

Pet food is a focal point for Nampak Flexible, part of Nampak, Africa’s largest packaging company, which offers more flexible packaging solutions than any other supplier in Africa. Nampak Flexible’s pet food packaging is supplied to a number of leading brands that include household favourites such as Pedigree, Whiskas, Perfect Fit, Woolworths Dog Foods and Nestlé Pet Treats.

Nampak Flexible, in partnership with Nestle, have launched the Vitagen 6 kg and 8kg bag range, with the Avery Dennison flexis air valve to provide burst and puncture resistance during transportation and handling.
Another star in the Flexible pet food packaging line up is the quad-seal bag format (QSB, [Status]), designed to offer better functionality and dynamic, eye-catching packaging for pet food products in-store. These QSB’s allow products to stand up on shelf for excellent point-of-sale appeal. Additionally, four surface areas offer a larger communication surface, with the square shape of the bag providing excellent space utilization for retailers.
The Pedigree resealable QSB has a high barrier structure that gives both contamination and moulding protection to high moisture kebbles. The pack also has enhanced high colour, metalized laminate on-pack branding, which due to the stand-up feature and flat ‘fold over bottom’ provides superior in-store merchandising and branding that is visible no matter which way the retailer stacks the bags.
Another popular pet food packaging option is laminated reel-fed material. This packaging format is supplied to the customers’ automatic form-fill-seal machines. These bags can be printed in full-colour flexographic or roto gravure to provide maximum on-shelf appeal.

Nampak Flexible also supplies laminated bags and pouches for customers with semi-automatic and hand-fill applications. These are supplied in a host of variations that include quad seal bags, self-standing pouches and flat pouches, with added features such as zippers, hanging slots and easy-tear notches for both convenient retailing and usage. The zippers provide resealability to keep food fresh from one meal to the next.
Additionally, the flat and self-standing pouches come with punched handles - for carrying heavier kibble bags - and punched holes for pegboard merchandising, thereby maximising on shelf visibility and display capabilities.
Nampak Flexible’s entire pet food range is essentially manufactured to give customers’ products maximum protection, longer shelf life, and on-shelf appeal.
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