28 June 2024


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Article by Nampak 13 June 2013

Nampak Liquid Cartons produces new Fruitime 330ml and 2litre pack

Innovation is necessary when maintaining leadership and Nampak Liquid Cartons is constantly working on new packaging options for its clients.

Fruitime is passionate about producing 100% fruit juice, rich in many of the nutrients found naturally in fruit. They are continually working on new packaging that will benefit this passion. “60% of the sale is in packaging. Packaging is even more important than price. Our past experience shows that it is the most important area of innovation,” said Neil Hurter, Operational Director of Fruitime.

Studies done in Europe show that consumers in the 16-35 age group have shifted focus to small “niche” packaging. The size, weight and shape that fits into the palm of the hand is seen a status symbol. Armed with this knowledge and the general trend towards cartons in the fruit beverage industry, Fruitime together with Nampak Liquid Cartons have launched a new 330ml and 2litre Pure-pak carton. The 330ml mini diamond curve carton was designed to meet consumer demand for a smaller container that fits easily into handbags and allows the consumer to sip and re-close the carton. The diamond feature on the opening side sits comfortably around the lip.

The board structure of the carton consists of 7 layers, each layer performing a vital task to keep the product in good condition, while providing the strength to assist the carton in keeping its shape during transport and handling. The polyethylene coated aluminium foil lined board prevents oxygen permeation, which preserves the product with a current six-month shelf life. The polyethylene is a barrier between the filled product and the barrier board made from aluminium foil, which is a thermal material. This board is imported and meets European Union Requirements and FDA Standards.

The flame seal process used on the side seal of the carton is unique to the Nampak Liquid Cartons Isithebe plant where the cartons are produced.

Accreditations at Nampak Liquid Cartons Isithebe include :ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System, HACCP 10330:2007 HACCP System and they are currently aiming to be ISO14001 (Environmental, [Status]) accredited before year-end.

The cartons are UV flexo printed on a CPS printing press. The inks are press-ready and as this is food grade packaging, it meets European Union Requirements and FDA Standards. All printers undergo colour screening tests and meet internal and external training skills and qualification expectations.

The cartons are cold filled on a P-M30 D Nampak Liquid Cartons machine with cap applicator. There is HEPA filtered overpressured air in the filling machines. While Nampak imports new carton filling machines, they rebuild equipment at their Industria workshop when required. Second hand equipment is imported as a cost effective option and then stripped down and put into Nampak’s rebuild programme. The machine operating at Fruitime has been through this rebuilding process. Nampak Liquid Cartons has 14 technicians that supply a technical backup service across Africa.

Eight years ago Nampak became a license holder to manufacture the carton caps in South Africa and has increased its manufacturing capacity since. Caps are manufactured in various colours as required by customers. The caps are designed for easy opening and re-closing.

“Dedication and expertise along the Nampak and Fruitime production lines culminate in a quality pack well able to satisfy South African market requirements, as well as opening the doors for possible exports,” says Michelle Stead, Sales & Marketing Director at Nampak Liquid Cartons
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