28 June 2024


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Article by Nampak 8 April 2013

Nampak Liquid leads the move to PET

Nampak was the first packaging supplier in Africa and the second in the world to blow PET bottles. This extensive experience and expertise in manufacturing PET bottles is now entrenched in Nampak Liquid, South Africa’s largest manufacturer of liquid plastic packaging.

“More and more companies are converting from glass to PET,” says Mthandeni Mkhize, Technical Director of Nampak Liquid and Nampak Petpak. 

As raw PET is becoming an increasingly scarce commodity, recycled PET is growing in popularity. It has many direct and indirect benefits, such as a reduced cost per kilogram and significant energy savings, as well as a lower carbon footprint and less waste to landfill.

At the same time, bottles made from recycled PET are fully recyclable and don’t contaminate the recycling stream.

In a scientific study, Nampak Research & Development has shown that bottle quality and strength are not compromised when using recycled PET. There is also no risk to consumers.

In line with environmental legislation and packaging trends, Nampak Liquid is optimising internal processes to achieve a closed loop system. In addition recycled material is sourced from a local PET recycling company that produces food grade material.

A number of high-profile recycled PET successes have been manufactured by Nampak Liquid. These include Unilever’s Sunlight Liquid bottle, which includes 25% recycled PET and Clover’s Tropika bottle, which now has 20% recycled PET.

“Recycled PET is the future and we’re embracing it hook, line and sinker,” says Mthandeni Mkhize.
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