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Article by Nampak 24 May 2013

Nampak Megapak launches Mauser’s IBC's in South Africa

Mauser’s Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC, [Status]) are available for the first time in South Africa from Nampak
. The 1 000 litre IBCs are designed for the bulk transportation of all liquids, including hazardous
and sensitive products, fulfill all international packaging regulations and are UN-approved. They’re also
described as “the most economical packaging solution” on the market today.
According to Joel Sibanda, the Divisional Managing Director of Nampak Megapak, IBCs are the way of the
future, particularly in terms of their ability to unlock improved supply chain efficiencies and sustainability

“One IBC substitutes five drums with a footprint of four drums,” explains Sibanda. “This means more volume
and less packaging in the same space!”

To give real meaning and effect to the promise and possibility of reusability, Nampak Megapak has
partnered with Mauser’s reconditioning subsidiary, National Container Group (NCG, [Status]). The service includes
picking up empty and used IBCs from a customer’s premises, cleaning them thoroughly with the latest
environmentally friendly processes and products, before removing any dents, inspecting them, testing them
for leaks and returning them to the customer’s place of business for further filling and shipping. IBCs that
can’t be reconditioned are recycled as pellets to manufacture other products.

At the same time, NCG operates a comprehensive collection and reconditioning programme for IBCs
of South African origin anywhere in the world. “In this way, Nampak Megapak is able to provide the
convenience and functionality of a world-class packaging system, while delivering a service to customer
that benefits the environment,” says Sibanda.

Nampak Megapak, which has many years of experience in the field of industrial packaging, including the
making of L-ring drums since 1998, made a multi-million Rand investment in the requisite state-of-the-art
engineering and manufacturing technology. Made under license from Mauser, each IBC involves three
component parts, namely a container, a cage and a pallet.

The IBC bottles are blow-molded from UV-stabilised high-density polyethylene (HDPE, [Status]) and can be used for
a wide variety of liquids, such as chemicals, foods, oils and pharmaceuticals. They’re translucent for better
visibility and easier inspecting.

Then, Nampak Megapak sources zinc-coated tubes from Mauser for the steel cages housing the HDPE
bottles. The engineering and welding are done at the packaging company’s ISO 9001: 2008 accredited
facility in Pinetown, and provide maximum stability for all types of supply chain challenges and dynamics.
Every IBC comes with an integrated pallet offering. Mauser-approved designs and materials can be
selected, such as all-wood (heat treated, [Status]), plastic/steel composites and a runner and frame for automatic filling lines and storage racks.

Finally, a comprehensive range of fully imported valves and closures is available. Some optional features
are additional top openings for dispensing systems, special gaskets and venting. The discharge valves are
easily replaceable, as they aren’t welded in.

Nampak Megapak offers two steel plates for labelling, as well as technical support in terms of filling, closing,
warehousing, transporting, storing, shipping, load-securing and much more.
The company is a founding member of the South African Industrial Container Reconditioning Association
and a member of the International Confederation of Plastic Packaging Manufacturers. It’s also involved in
many regulatory groups and initiatives.

“Given Nampak Megapak’s long-term partnership with Mauser, the IBC offering is a logical extension of our
shared portfolio of interests. We’re looking forward to growing the opportunity in South Africa and the rest
of Africa, especially among customers who are seeking the means to leverage scale for economic savings,
while reducing the impact of bulk logistics handling on the environment,” says Sibanda. Back to top ^