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Article by Nampak 26 February 2013

Plastic Surgery for your wine brand

Against the backdrop of one of the world’s most vibrant and productive wine industries, South African wine packaging has an ever-growing list of brand requirements to meet. These include the need for greener packaging solutions, alternative packaging formats, and packaging solutions that positively affect the wine supply chain. Essentially, winemakers and retailers are looking for better options for their brands. One company providing those options with surgical precision is Nampak Rigid Plastics. Each of its diverse divisions specialise in different areas of packaging for winemakers and their consumers. The Rigid Plastics divisions operating the wine industry include:

Nampak Liquid - Plastic

As an alternative to existing wine packaging formats, Nampak Liquid produces PET bottles for the wine industry, in sizes ranging from 500ml to 5l. Offering a “one-stop-shop” that includes bottle design and manufacture, as well as the supply and servicing of technical machinery, complete with 24-hour back up, Nampak Liquid has the perfect setup for winemakers. Winemakers are also beginning to discover that PET bottles are a safe, hygienic and affordable means of packaging for “everyday” wines. The success of the technology is evident in popular brands, such as Vredendal’s Namaqua range of wines as well as sherry that have moved certain labels into PET.

Nampak Liquid - Cartons

Nampak Liquid - Cartons
manufactures a wide range of foil-lined Pure-Pak cartons under license from Elopak. The cartons are resealable and come in different formats and sizes from 250ml to 2l. Most suitable for convenience occasions, they’re a winemakers dream for the following reasons:
• The re-sealable closure serves as an oxygen and light barrier, protecting the contents of the pack.
• The cartons are highly decorative and offer excellent branding opportunities.
• A fifth panel – called the “elo-curve” – is also available for additional messaging and/or promotions.
• The square format offers maximum packing and space utilization.
• The foil coated interior enhances the air and light barrier properties, giving the product a shelf life of six to nine-months.
• The technology is proven and a number of brands are enjoying its benefits, including brands such as Paarl Wine (Cape Calypso, [Status]) and Winkelshoek.

Nampak Closures 

Nampak Closures produce a wide range of tamper-evident ROPP (Roll on Pilfer Proof, [Status]) aluminium screw cap closures with numerous benefits for winemakers and consumers alike. The advantages of these innovative closures include:
• A highly decorative on-cap branding space.
• A modern and sophisticated appearance.
• Proven technology
• Re-sealable for maximum consumer convenience
• Reliable seal against oxygen intrusion and cork taint, thereby extending shelf life

Nampak Megapak

When it comes to reusable plastic drums and crates, Megapak is a manufacturer and supplier of choice to the wine industry. Right from the beginning of the winemaking process, Megapak’s plastic lug boxes are used to store and carry the precious grapes that are picked straight off the vines. With a host of additional uses for Megapak’s greater range of crates and drums, wine farmers can get the winemaking process off to a good start.

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