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Article by Nampak 18 July 2013

Top dog packaging from Nampak Flexible

Nampak Flexible’s new dog food packaging is the top dog in the petcare category!

Africa’s leading flexible packaging company, which is at the cutting-edge of category-defining changes in the packaging space, has now reengineered the packaging for Nestlé’s Alpo and Vitagen dog food brands. Among the many benefits are improved freshness, functionality and marketability.

Previously, Alpo and Vitagen were packed in poly woven bags that couldn’t be hermetically sealed. Where perishables, like dog food, are concerned, there are always challenges regarding shelf-life, including the possibility of insect infestations, such as weevils. To better protect the brands and reduce the risk of any quality issues, Nampak Flexible recommended hermetically sealed bags made from a laminate of nylon and white opaque LDPE. The design includes narrow gussets for semi-automatic filling processes, as well as punch hole handles for ease of carrying.

The main feature is the Flexis Air Valve from Avery Denison in the US. Applied inline on the bagging machine, the valve includes a membrane, baffle film and permanent adhesive to release any air pressure and protect against moisture. “This is the first time in South Africa that dog food packaging is carrying a valve,” says Don Mac Farlane, Nampak Flexible’s Technical Manager. “Since the hermetic seal means that the bags are totally airtight, the valve prevents them from bursting during transport and handling. The stronger substrate is also puncture resistant.”

The new dog food packaging is produced by Nampak Flexible in Cape Town. The Alpo bags are gravure printed in eight colours, while the Vitagen bags are flexo printed in eight colours. The eye-catchingly rich colours and high quality printing enhance shelf appeal. Likewise, the multi-faceted construction enables the flexibility of a variety of merchandising strategies and techniques for increased visibility and sales.

“A dog is a man’s best friend. By delivering freshness in world-class packaging, Nampak Flexible is a dog’s best friend,” adds Mac Farlane.
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