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Article by Nampak 17 September 2014

Nampak is the AfriStar of the show

Nampak was the star of the show at the recent AfriStar Awards.

An initiative of the African Packaging Organisation (APO, [Status]), which has been up and running since 2012, the AfriStar Awards are the first packaging award programme to cover the African continent as a whole. To qualify for entry, packaging must be made in Africa.

As Africa’s largest packaging company, Nampak walked away with two medals and 16 certificates, more than any other packaging converter! “This award-winning performance is indicative of our commitment to manufacturing world-class packaging for Africa’s one billion consumers, while partnering with customers to innovate solutions that meet the unique needs of emerging markets experiencing different stages of development,” says André de Ruyter, Nampak’s Chief Executive.

Nampak operates in 13 countries across Africa, namely Angola, Botswana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Its top performer at the AfriStar Awards was Zimbabwe, which won seven awards. Nigeria and Zambia took four each, followed by Kenya, Malawi and South Africa with one each.

In assessing the AfriStar Awards, the expert panel considered the following criteria:
• Product-pack relationship (containment and protection for African conditions, [Status])
 • Product-consumer relationship (consumer education, information and guarantees, [Status])
 • Package-system relationship (long-term sustainability of packs in the African market, [Status])
The list of Nampak winners is below.

 Award Pack  Country
 Best in MedalRobb 4ml curled lid and base steel tin                              Nigeria          
 Best in transit medalLight-weight sorghum beer crate Zambia
 Health,beauty,medical and pharmaceutical certificateRobb 4ml curled lid and base steel tin Nigeria
 Health, beauty, medical and pharmaceutical certificateProtector Plus condoms multi-display dispenser family pack Zimbabwe
 Food certificate        Lacquered Can with Penny Lever Tamper-Prrof Lid Nigeria
 Food CertificateOut of Africa raw nut tin with peel-off end Kenya
 Food certificateProbrand 400ml fruit juice bottle Zimbabwe
 Food certificateChibuku Shake one-litre sorghum beer pack Zambia
 Food CertificateMaheu 500ml bottle range Zimbabwe
 Food certificateFAR 330ml CSD range South Africa
 Household certificateFour-litre Protecton paint can with triple tight closure Nigeria
 Household certificate One and five-litre Astra Paint tin range Zimbabwe
 Household certificateLife Full Flavour and Menthol cigarette carton Zambia
 Household certificateOne-litre and 400ml Chitaitai floor polish tin range Zimbabwe
 Transit certificateDenDairy Bulk wraparound corrugated carton with carry handle Zimbabwe
 Transit certificate60-litre precious metal drum Zambia
 Transit certificateChiponde Peanut butter reinforced corrugated carton Malawi
 Transit certificateYoyo Chipsy shelf-ready corrugated carton Zimbabwe

Among the highlights are:

• The 4ml tin for Nigeria’s leading mentholated ointment brand, Robb, is the first seamless 0,14mm tinplate container in the West African country. The thinner gauge means 26% less impact on the environment. At the same time, the new curled design supports the customer’s move from a manual operation to an automated, high-speed capping and filling line. The distinctive shape is an anti-counterfeiting measure.

• Although the new sorghum beer crate for National Breweries in Zambia is 19% lighter than its predecessor, it carries the same amount of product and maintains its original top-load strength. It is also cheaper to transport.
• Dairy Burst’s 400ml fruit juice bottle in Zimbabwe has embossing and a snap-on closure for improved anti-counterfeiting and tamper-evidence.
• Two vents have been added to Chibuku’s Shake Shake one-litre sorghum beer Conipak carton to enable it to breathe and ferment better in the warm Zambian climate.
• The new deep-ribbed design on Mahewu’s 500ml plastic bottles helps stop “panelling”, which is associated with filling at high temperatures. In the past, the bottles were prone to collapsing and Zimbabwean retailers were losing faith in their reliability.
• Life’s two-stick cigarette cartons are a first in Zambia. Previously, 20s were the smallest pack size. Point-of-sale includes a perforated dispensing tear strip and punched hanging hole for formal and informal retail outlets.
• The DenDairy bulk wraparound corrugated carton with carry handle is Zimbabwe’s first high-speed machine-erected corrugated pack for the dairy industry.

• To meet the needs of the mining industry in mineral-rich Zambia, a 60-litre three-piece steel drum was developed to transport cobalt. It includes an epoxy phenolic inner lining, which prevents contamination and galvanising. A customised tamper-proof ring and bolt seal house the mine’s unique barcode tags. www.nampak.com Back to top ^