28 June 2024


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Article by Nampak 11 August 2014

Nampak Malawi donates factory machines to Teveta

Against the background of improvements in technology and increased investment in the spare parts manufacturing and repairing industry in the country, Nampak Malawi was able to donate three disused machines to Technical, Entrepreneurial and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TEVETA, [Status]).  

The independent and autonomous regulatory body, was established to provide technical, entrepreneurial and vocational education and training in Malawi. TEVETA in turn decided to give the machinery to the Malawi Children Village (MCV, [Status]) technical college in the Mangochi district. The College is expected to produce graduates with technical know-how on the usage of industrial equipment in order to spearhead the country’s production and export-led socio-economic growth.

MCV’s Director Felix Chirombo said they were very thankful for the donation which they hope will boost their practical work capabilities beyond their current levels.

“We did not have such machines and the students were having difficulties when given such equipments in the industry,” said Chirombo who further appealed for additional support from the corporate world.

Nampak Malawi’s Marketing Manager, Nyakhoko Nsona said if Malawi can focus on using such machines in colleges and in the industry the country could reduce on the cost of importing products that can be made locally.

“In the manufacturing industry we have had a lot of gaps in having people that would do the work that we require them to do in the factories, now these technical colleges and the work that TEVETA does is helping to bring people that would deliver in the factories, 

“As a responsible corporate citizen we decided to donate these machines, as one of the areas that we look at is education.” He however expressed concern that the local industry has been faced with the challenge of employing people that could not efficiently use the equipment.

The donation was made at Soche Technical College in Blantyre on 14th August 2014 and the donated equipment included a Lathe, a pedestal drilling machine and Milling machine. Back to top ^