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Article by Nampak 4 April 2014

Perfect packaging for the Cape's perfect produce

NAMPAK Rigid Plastics, Africa’s largest and most diversified rigid plastics packaging company, provides the agricultural sector with a diverse range of packaging options. Nampak Rigid Plastics’ divisions are focused on innovation and offer a full suite of packaging design and testing services. They supply and support state-of-the-art filling equipment and technology.  Under the umbrella of Nampak Rigid Plastics, are Nampak Closures, Nampak Liquid and Nampak Megapak. These divisions are all supported by Nampak Research & Development in Cape Town, which is widely regarded as one of the most advanced packaging science and technology facilities in the southern hemisphere.


With numerous branches strategically located around the Cape, the rest of South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa, Nampak Liquid is one of the largest suppliers of liquid packaging solutions.

They supply PET bottles, HDPE bottles, HDPE jars, and filling and handling systems for fresh and long life dairy, fresh fruit juice, carbonated soft drinks(CSD, [Status]), wine, water and beer. Nampak Liquid manufactures generic or custom- designed HDPE and PET bottles in sizes ranging from 100ml to 5l with 35mm or 38mm necks compatible with both foil and screw-cap closures. The bottles are available in clear or pigmented colours. Jars are available in 250g and 500g, with 63mm and 76mm necks.

Nampak Liquid’s in house tool room assists with bottle design, prototyping, pilot mould manufacture and full mould manufacture. They also offer computer simulations and Finite Element Analysis, light weighting, source reduction and hygiene evaluations. The Nampak Liquid plastics inplant in Vreedendal offers sophisticated logistical and economically beneficial solutions, by providing on-site bottle manufacture for the packing of wine in plastic bottles.


Nampak Liquid Cartons manufactures the unique Conipak carton as well as a wide range of Pure-Pak cartons under license from Elopak. These Pure-Pak cartons are resealable and come in different formats and sizes from 200ml to 2l.

The range includes Pure-Pak cartons for milk, fruit juice and drinking yoghurt products. Nampak Liquid Cartons also offers cartons with the Elocurve®, which provide an extra fifth panel for branding and shelf appeal. Nampak Liquid Cartons has launched a new 330ml Pure-Pak carton with screw-cap. Designed to meet consumer demand for a smaller container the 330ml mini diamond curve carton allows the consumer to easily sip and re-close the carton. The diamond feature on the opening side sits comfortably around the consumer’s lip. The polyethylene coated aluminum foil lined board prevents oxygen permeation for a longer shelf life.

Nampak Liquid Cartons has recently added cider to the range of alcoholic beverages packed in cartons. This is in additon to the existing wine, sangria and sorghum beer brands. Another recent trend is the packaging of dry goods in Pure-Pak cartons with an oversized cap. Currently they have rice, sugar, cereal, maize meal, bird seed and pet food products in cartons. Nampak Liquid Cartons offers 24/7 technical services, spares and support. For optimal performance they offer filling machine audits, maintenance budgets and contracts, as well as training of customer staff such as operators and technicians.

Wherever possible Nampak Liquid Cartons use Forestry Stewardship Council’s (FSC, [Status])-certified board suppliers which provides traceability and ensures their board comes from responsibly managed forests. The advantage of using paper for packaging is that it is a renewable resource.


Nampak Megapak is Africa’s leading manufacturer of plastic trays, crates, drums and 1 000 litre Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC, [Status]).
They produce a wide range of injection moulded HDPE crates for agricultural products, available in numerous configurations, colours and sizes. When it comes to reusable plastic drums and crates, Megapak is a manufacturer and supplier of choice to the wine industry. Megapak’s plastic crates are used to store and carry grapes as they are picked straight off the vines. Their dairy sachet crates can support a 20 kg load while being 4% lighter than the closest competitor.

The crates are moulded from 100% recycled HDPE and are designed to be as light and strong as possible. They are also interstackable with other crates in the market. Nampak Megapak recently developed an improved version of the Live Bird Crate for the transportation of poultry. This crate is lighter to handle, requires less space, reduces transport and storage space costs and provides better ventilation to poultry during transit, giving better survival rates. The easy unclipping of these crates makes cleaning easier, reducing the risk of disease and makes the removal of poultry much easier, reducing stress during de-crating.

In addition to crates, Nampak Megapak’s world class drums are UN compliant and used for a wide range of product applications. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes ranging from 20l to 250l, they can be tailored to suit individual customers’ requirements. The 1 000 litre IBC is designed for bulk transportation of all liquids and can save space by replacing five drums with a footprint of only four. The IBCs fulfill all international packaging regulations and are UN-approved. They are fitted with interchangeable and replaceable valves and taps. Nampak Megapak has technical support from partners National Container Group and Mauser who have global footprints that allow for recycling, reconditioning and repairs of IBCs anywhere in the world


Nampak Closures supplies the most diverse range of closures in the country. Their Snapcap Snapcap and DBJ-N range of plastic closures are suitable for both PET and HDPE bottles in the dairy and fruit juice sectors.
Their range includes specialised plastic closures for CSD beverages and sports caps for water, energy drinks and other beverages. Nampak Closures’ award winning DBJ-N closure provides superior leak resistance and tamper proofing. The DBJ-N has a drop down band that once opened is forced down and away from the rest of the closure which visibly reveals any tampering or faults. Their metal closures range of twist off and press twist closures is produced at the Cape plant. These are used for sealing foods and sauces that go into glass jars, such as baby food, jams, chutney, tomato sauce, beetroot and mayonnaise. With the move away from cork to screw caps for sealing wine, Nampak Closures created a screw top closure to fit the iconic Graça bottle.

The 30 x 50mm length recyclable aluminum screw cap with the 30 x 60mm wine finish (top and side seal, [Status]), was a first for Nampak Closures and is unique to Graça. The new tamper-evident pack provided Distell with an impermeable screw cap eliminating the high risk of cork taint. The ability to reseal the wine has enabled more choice in portion control, as well as trust in the re-seal for later transportation.
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