28 June 2024


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Article by Nampak 16 September 2014

The Red Zone interviews André de Ruyter, Nampak CEO, about the role of packaging beyond marketing.

Nampak CEO, André de Ruyter, was recently interviewed by The Red Zone’s Jeremy Maggs to discuss the role of packaging beyond marketing and the type of challenges which the industry is facing.

In the interview de Ruyter is asked to comment on whether brands are cognizant of the role of packaging in marketing, if local consumers are swayed by or interested in sustainable packaging and South Africa’s Waste Management Bill.

De Ruyter explains that packaging “is an incredibly important way of communicating with the consumer. Not only do we communicate the value proposition of the product in question,” but Nampak has invested in understanding consumer behaviour in order to predict what product a consumer will pick. This information is applied in order to achieve packaging excellence.

He goes on to say that Nampak clients are very aware of the power of packaging and go to great lengths to convey the qualities that they want consumers to associate with their product.

Maggs asks de Ruyter, “Strategically, how should brands... be approaching packaging?”

De Ruyter explains that consumers take a greater interest in the importance of sustainable packaging. He elaborates to say that consumers want packaging which feels safe, is convenient and poses no danger of contamination.

He also suggests that “packaging paves an important role with product concentration” as it allows brands to invest in greener packaging which assists in decreasing carbon footprints.

Before closing the interview Maggs touches on the Waste Management Bill and if it is a necessity. De Ruyter explains that this bill is necessary. Despite South Africa currently achieving some of the highest recycling rates in the world these statistics could be improved. He suggests that “separation at source” would contribute to positively increasing recycling statistics.

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