28 June 2024


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25 November 2009

Nampak’s winning formula for food packaging

Food packaging is technical at the best of times. It needs to protect its contents, provide tamper resistance, add convenience, and contain special physical, chemical, and biological properties. It must also market the food product in a highly cluttered in-store environment. 
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23 November 2009

Nampak’s promotional packaging works harder for leading brands

During tough economic times, the role of packaging in branding increases significantly.
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29 October 2009

Stay cool under pressure with Nampak DivFood’s aerosols

For an on-the-go “point and click” society, aerosol deodorants and antiperspirants are easy to use and quick to apply.
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23 April 2009

Nampak invests in world’s most advanced scanning electron microscope

Nampak, Africa’s largest packaging company, has invested more than R2.5 million in one of the world’s most modern scanning electron microscopes (SEM, [Status]). 
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21 April 2009

“Tripartite alliance” is the future of packaging

Retailers, consumers and packaging manufacturers all have a role to play in developing environmentally friendly packaging, says Nampak, Africa’s largest packaging company.
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