28 June 2024


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30 November 2010

More Flexible packaging for seafood

17 November 2010

Nampak Flexible adds more awards to its tally at SA’s first ever Fima Golden Roll Awards

30 September 2010

Eco logical thinking from Africa’s largest packaging manufacturer

As Africa’s largest packaging manufacturer, Nampak is well known for developing packaging that gives identity to products, promotes brands, and contributes to the protection and prevention of product deterioration.
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27 August 2010

Nampak puts its marketing hat on

Adding to an already tough marketing job for packaging is that during tough economic times, not unlike the current global situation, the role of packaging in branding increases significantly. As Marketing and promotional budgets come under pressure, packaging remains a necessity that can be leveraged for effective product promotion when it is difficult to achieve it ‘budget wise’ elsewhere. This is partly because in a marketing role, packaging’s primary advantage over other forms of communication is that it works around the clock to help move a product off the supermarket shelf, and once purchased, builds brand value for an extended period of time.

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24 August 2010

Packaging solutions for the environment: Nampak shows how innovation aids sustainability

Nampak, Africa’s largest packaging supplier, is well known for developing packaging that gives identity to products, promotes brands, and contributes to the protection and prevention of product deterioration. While effective product packaging is vital, Nampak also believes that if progressed with due consideration to environmental efficiencies and recycling, appropriate packaging of a product can maintain high standards while preventing waste. As such, the group participates in extensive recycling initiatives and continues to invest significant time and resources into the development of more sustainable products. This requires constant innovation from Nampak’s various divisions across the paper, plastics, metals and glass packaging substrates.
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30 July 2010

The perfect degree of preservation

200 years ago, there were limited ways of preserving food. In times of war, there were often more casualties from food poisoning and diseases like scurvy than from the battlefield! Napoleon, the French commander, desperate to supply properly preserved food to his troops, offered an award for the discovery of a better means of preserving food. A French chef, Nicholas Appert, won Napoleon’s award for proving that the deterioration and decay of food could be prevented by sealing it in bottles and heating it by immersion in boiling water - and so the canning process began.
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28 July 2010

Nampak does Africa proud at the WorldStar Packaging Awards

Now in its 42nd year, the pre-eminent international awards in packaging, the WorldStar Awards highlights the accomplishments of packaging on a Global scale and illustrates the continual advancement of the art and science that is packaging. 
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30 June 2010

Nampak shows just how hard packaging really works

Highlighting the exceptional level of South Africa’s packaging standards, Nampak, Africa’s largest packaging company, demonstrates the continual advancement of the art and science of packaging.
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25 June 2010

Coding and marking solutions unpacked with Nampak I&CS

The development of coding and marking systems remain a key element in the packaging industry, with many different choices available. Yet the obvious choices about which systems to use, how suitable they are for certain product substrates and how they affect production lines are often shortsighted.
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21 June 2010

Two awards in the bag for Nampak Sacks

MEETING customer requirements for the lightest weight, fit-for-purpose 12,5kg flour paper bag, Nampak Sacks developed a new bag for Snowflake Flour – a gold medal winner in the food category at the 2009 Gold Pack Awards and nominated for an award at this year’s WorldStar Packaging Awards.
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