28 June 2024


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13 December 2011

Nampak Flexible initiates MORE exciting plastics recycling projects...

9 December 2011

Pure new packs for Clover's Tropika and Krush

5 December 2011

"Seafood brands should be in Flexible packaging," Nampak Flexible explains

23 November 2011

Nampak increases profit by 21% and dividend by 30%

16 November 2011

Nampak invests almost R1 Billion in Glass Packaging

16 November 2011

Pure new packs for Clover’s Tropika and Krush

11 November 2011

Nampak DivFood Durban clinches 2011 SABS Chairpersons Award

7 November 2011

Nampak builds packs that builds brands

4 November 2011

Nampak leads the pack with award-winning design

1 November 2011

Nampak uses breadth to deliver award-winning packaging for SAB

31 October 2011

Award winning convenience from Nampak

26 October 2011

Multiple wins for Nampak at 2011 Gold Pack Awards

17 October 2011

Nampak Closures ups its game with a new production line

13 October 2011

Nampak Flexible is top of supply chain at 2011 Logistics Achiever Awards

12 October 2011

Nampak Bevcan joins as international partner to Canvironment Week 2011

3 October 2011

Nampak's not so rigid approach to Dairy packaging

30 September 2011

Printing brand wealth

28 September 2011

Flexible packaging is catch of the day

19 September 2011

New Nampak Paper Mill officially opened

18 August 2011

Nampak Sacks cements top spot as Afrisam's Supplier of the Year

11 August 2011

Pouches stand tall amongst competing packs say's Nampak Flexible

8 August 2011

Food-in-cartons a winning SA concept

3 August 2011

Nampak Cartons & Labels packs Eastern Cape with world class

1 August 2011

Nampak Wiegand Glass shows that lightweight is the right weight

31 July 2011

Nampak Flexible Krafts a strategic relationship with the worlds second largest food company

29 July 2011

Unsophisticated sophistication - Nampak Closures brings best of both worlds to wine

28 July 2011

Innovation flows through flexible beverage packaging

27 July 2011

An impressive bag of tricks from Nampak Sacks

27 July 2011

Nampak Bevcan steels the beverage show

26 July 2011

Plastics for packaging - a Flexible choice

25 July 2011

Nampak makes an Eco Logical packaging choice for consumers

18 July 2011

Nampak Wiegand Glass produces SA's lightest weight 750ml wine bottle

18 July 2011

Nampak Liquid shows plastics to be dynamic packaging choice

1 July 2011

Nampak makes a Total committment to recycling

30 June 2011

Nampak Bevcan opens $160 million beverage can factory in Angola

20 June 2011

Nampak Bevcan makes every can count for education

13 June 2011

Consider more flexibility in food and beverage packaging

1 June 2011

Nampak Corrugated provides dairy with one-way of looking at packaging differently

27 May 2011

Nampak boosts profits and margins

9 May 2011

Monitoring, testing and measuring just the tip of Nampak R&D's iceberg

Today, packaging must not only serve as the vessel to carry a product, but must also protect the integrity of the contents, protect the consumer, enhance shelf-life, be easy to use, carry a low cost and reflect the values which are integral to the brand Read more +
2 May 2011

Code talk with Nampak I&CS

When it comes to product coding and marking, one would be hard pressed to find a better authority on the subject than Nampak I&CS (Inspection and Coding Systems, [Status]). From small character ink jet coding to large character ink jet coding, and even thermal overprinting and laser coding, Nampak I&CS provides the right marking, addressing, bar coding and labelling solutions for almost any application. Read more +
26 April 2011

More strategic, more integrated, more capable – Nampak Flexible achieves Oliver Wight IBP accreditation

18 April 2011

Much more choice for foods in flexible

14 February 2011

Nampak Flexible achieves more in 2010

20 January 2011

The Science of Safety: Nampak R&D attains ERS membership

As of 1 January 2011, Nampak Research & Development (Nampak R&D, [Status]), one of the world’s leading packaging research and development bodies, joined the Emergency Response Service (ERS, [Status]) of TNO Triskelion BV, a wholly-owned subsidiary of TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research, [Status]). Read more +
17 January 2011

Nampak Flexible gets more innovative for beverages

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