Nampak Liquid Botswana

Established in March 2007, Nampak Liquid Botswana has rapidly strengthened our reputation as a company that provides quality plastic packaging solutions.

We build and maintain strong, healthy relationships with our customers and suppliers – also providing technical support when needed.

Our specialised equipment and international backing ensures that we are able to solve our customers’ rigid plastic packaging needs.

Products and services

PET bottlesPET bottles 350ml to 5L
HDPE bottles250ml to 5L
Our PET bottles, available in sizes ranging from 350ml to 5 litres, provide excellent strength and product clarity.

We offer a wide variety of standard custom-designed HDPE bottles ranging from 250ml to 5 litres. Our snap and DBJN closures, under licence from Portola, come in a range of colours and sizes to complement our range of bottles. We also offer stretch sleeving for 500ml to 2 litre HDPE bottles.

We serve the following markets:

Non-carbonated beverages
Sorghum beer

Contact us

Head office
Plot 25001, Maakgadigau Street
Gaborone West, Botswana
Tel: +267 318 7209
Fax: +267 318 7214